Voyageur II

This is a slim design double strung harp, with 26 strings on each side.  The sides are
actually the soundboards. First time players are always pleasantly surprised by the
excellent volume and tone in such a small, light-weight harp. The stand has several
height positions and can be taken apart for storage in the case pocket.

Range: C (below middle C) to G
Threaded Tuning Pins
52 Nylon Strings
Removable Stand  
Neck, Post and Frame available in Maple, Cherry or Walnut
Baltic Birch 3 Ply Soundboards
48” tall x 23 ½” deep x 3 ½” wide
Weight: Approx 12 - 14 lbs

With full Loveland levers: $2600.00
With full Truitt levers: $3100.00
Case: $325.00
Random Sound Musical Instruments
The following sound samples were arranged and performed by Joanne Griffin,
The Angels and Shepherds
Entre Le Beouf
Il Est Ne Le Devin Enfant
The stand breaks down and fits in side pocket of case for easy transport